Make Sense
of your Relationship
to Money with Sydney Schreiber.

Think of all of the areas of life that are influenced by your relationship to money.  How do you feel when negotiating?  How about your ability to spend, save or invest?  What about your choice of work or career? Have you or do you expect to receive an inheritance?  Do you feel at ease when involved in money matters?  Your relationship to money has a fundamental impact on how you live your life.  This workshop will develop your self-knowledge in this area and increase the awareness with which you lead your life.




During the afternoon we will identify the essence of the relationship to money.  You will learn how it reflects your life story and ripples through the various dimensions of your life.  You will become aware of what your individual definition of money says about your identity and how it influences your reaction to situations.  In the process you will free-up your relationship to money and consequently free-up your life.

Imagine becoming conscious of aspects of your life of which you were hitherto unconscious - how much freer you will be to profit from life's pleasures and opportunities! With greater clarity, you may come to articulate your life purpose and increasingly lead a life infused with meaning.  If you want to feel more free in relation to money, then this workshop is for you - you will leave feeling lighter, more vital and empowered.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” C. G. JUNG

About Sydney Schreiber

Sydney is a facilitator, finance lawyer and entrepreneur trained in the PeterKoenigSystem©

method of money seminars which has been Peter Koenig has been giving since 30 years

(author of the book "30 Lies about Money: Liberating your Life, Liberating your Money").


In his professional life Sydney has dealt with money and finance in various contexts.


He is a fervent believer in people's potential and brings to bear broad professional and personal

experience with an appreciation for the multiple paths towards personal development.


Sydney is passionate about living his life purpose, which is to communicate and help people

get closer to theirs.


The PeterKoenigSystem© of Money Seminars is a powerful vehicle to do this.

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